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13 Ways to Stay Productive in the Winter

Are the winter blues getting to you? Spring is on it's way, but here are some tips to stay productive during these cold months.

  1. Soak up the Sun - Obviously this isn't easy to do in the dark winter, but make sure to take advantage of the really sunny days. Sunlight plays a major role in productivity, general happiness, and work performance.

  2. Use Light Therapy - If the sun just isn't making its appearance, invest in a light box. Spend 30 or so minutes in front of it, maybe while enjoying breakfast or reading a book.

  3. Go for a Walk - It probably seems like the worst thing ever to go on a stroll in the snow, but it is proven that it can actually help increase your production levels. The cold air wakes you up and the fresh air is always good for your wellbeing.

  4. Take Mental Health Days - Don't let yourself get overwhelmed. Sometimes you need a break and that is okay! Take a day to relax and reenergize your body.

  5. Take Mini Breathers Throughout the Day - Finding time to take short breaks throughout the day can do wonders for your productivity levels. Instead of working non-stop, make some time for some breathers throughout your work day to recharge.

  6. Drink More Water - Even mild dehydration can cause mood changes and complications in normally healthy people. So drink up to stay hydrated and productive all winter long!

  7. Cut Down on the Caffeine - Downing a cup of coffee to get in the zone to get things done seems like a no brainer, but actually lessening your caffeine dependence is actually better for your mental health. Instead, sip on some caffeine free tea during your work day.

  8. Take Vitamin D Supplements - In the winter, sunlight is minimal which means Vitamin D is sparse which will make you feel unmotivated and sluggish.

  9. Spend your Time with Others - If you work in an office, take breaks to chat with your coworkers. It is proven that the more social you are, the more productive you are.

  10. Take on New, Exciting Tasks - If your work is getting dull, take on a task that is new and exciting. Doing the same take repeatedly can impact your overall mood and productivity levels. Spice it up and talk to your boss to see if you can take on something new to give yourself that little umph.

  11. Make Time for Your Hobbies - Whether it's painting or crossword puzzles, make sure to make time for your hobbies every single day. Working on your mental muscles outside of you actual job can keep you energized.

  12. Develop a Morning Routine you Love - There is nothing harder than getting out of a warm and cozy bed when it's freezing outside. To make sure your days start off on a productive note, develop a morning routine that is worth getting out of bed for.

  13. Sleep - This one seems obvious, but make sure you're getting enough sleep each night. A lack of sleep can make you groggy, irritable, short-tempered, and much more stressed which will always negatively affect your overall productivity.

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