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7 Ways to Beat Winter Boredom

This time of year doesn't have to be boring and depressing. Let's embrace the Iowa winter and cure our cabin fever. Check out our list of Sioux City adventures to get you out of the apartment.

Cone Park snow tubing

Cone Park

Cone Park is full of winter fun! It has so much to offer, from snow tubing to ice skating around their 5400 sq. ft ice rink. The fun doesn't stop there; warm up by the outdoor fire pit with some delicious hot cocoa from their concession stands. Gone are the days of winter boredom spent inside.

Cross Country Skiing

Last winter, the outdoor community saw an unprecedented surge in winter outdoor activities. People discovered activities like cross country skiing as a way to get out of the house, get back into shape, or socialize while enjoying the outdoors. Check out these Siouxland parks great for cross country skiing.

Long Lines Family Rec Center Climbing Wall

Too cold for the outdoors, stay warm with this 53-foot climbing wall and free-standing boulders located at the Long Lines Family Rec Center. Perfect for everyone from beginners to seasoned rock climbers.

Palmer's Old Tyme Candy Shoppe

This sweet treat has something for everyone. Palmers' Old Tyme Candy Shoppe will take you back to another time. This old-time candy store has something for everyone; it has bulk goodies, like peanut clusters, varieties of nuts, and so much more. It is more than a candy store; it is also a museum that displays historical candy-making equipment and old photos of Palmers and Sioux City. Be sure to check out all things Twin Bing, from mugs to ice cream and, of course, delicious Twin Bing candy bars.

Sioux City Public Museum

The Sioux City Public Museum is not just educational but also fun and interactive. Visitors will learn about the history of Sioux City with colorful, interactive displays. This museum is open year-round and is free to the public.

Ice Skating

People have been looking to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. So, what activities will get you outside and have fun during the coming winter months? You can go ice skating! As a winter hobby, ice skating offers a physical activity that will get your body moving. Below you will find some of the locations to explore ice skating.

Sioux City Art Center

Check out the Sioux City Art Center's hands-on gallery with a 900-piece permanent art collection as well as temporary exhibits that change throughout the year. If you have always wanted to discover your inner artist, you can check their website for a list of classes being offered. Art Center also has free admission.


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Alex Aviator
Alex Aviator
Feb 12, 2023
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