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8 Thanksgiving Hosting Essentials

1.Never turn down help - Preparing a Thanksgiving feast can be stressful. All hands on deck can make it go way smoother.

2. Make as much ahead as possible - There is nothing worse than having to wake up early and scurry around the kitchen all morning & certain dishes not getting done on time. Prepare some items before hand and refrigerate, so you can easily just pop it in the oven!

3. Don’t experiment with new recipes - Stick to what you know.

4.Start early on your non food prep - Food is not the only thing that needs prepared. You also have dishes, utensils, table decor, etc to prepare.

5.Consider making the turkey the day before - Just trust it. This will make your life 10 times easier.

6.It’s okay to buy some things store bought - Everyone does this. More importantly, no one has to know!

7.Don’t forget about yourself - In the midst of all the chaos, baking, cooking and preparation don’t forget to get yourself ready as well.

8.Relax - Most importantly, relax and have fun. People are there to gather and enjoy the holiday with you!

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