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9 Apartment Holiday Decor Ideas

If you're trying to make your home look like Santa's workshop this holiday season but you're not trying to spend your weekend hauling in a real life Christmas Tree & overfilling your apartment with decor, you're in luck. The key to decorating is downsizing and thinking outside the box. Understand that voluminous trees and yards of garland aren't the only things you can deck the halls with - lights, figurines, branches, tapestries can all be used to create a perfect holiday space.

  1. Make it Mini - Downsize your typical holiday decor like trees and wreaths and opt for the mini version! This way you're not taking up your whole living room with a massive tree or taking up too much wall space with an oversized wreath. Small makes just as much of a statement.

  2. Lights Everywhere - Hang string lights in the highest points of your apartment. Just because you don't have the outside space for lights doesn't mean you can't have the same holiday spirit inside!

  3. Nail Down the Details - You can put a little holiday spirit in each room with tapestries, string lights, figurines, candle holders, or wreaths. Dress up your everyday decor with a little holiday spice.

  4. Get Festive with your Headboard - The bedroom is often forgotten when decorating your space. Hang some garland and/or string lights from your headboard and feel like you're in Whoville every time you lay down to go to sleep.

  5. Stick to a Theme - If your everyday decor is farmhouse, getting a midcentury modern tree is probably not the vibe. Stick to what your home already speaks so that way your decor doesn't look out of place and fits right in with what you already have.

  6. Make Floral Arrangements Festive - If you're someone who always keeps a vase of fresh flowers (or fake) in your home, then switch out that floral arrangement with some sprigs from a Douglas Fir or Pine Tree. You could even add some tiny ornaments to really dress it up!

  7. Spruce up your Bookshelf - Bookshelves are prime real estate for holiday decor or decor in general. Add some holiday figurines like reindeer, small trees, nutcracker, snow globe, or whatever wintry decor your heart desires.

  8. Add a Pint-sized Poinsettia - Put a small vase or pot of Poinsettias on your kitchen island or coffee table!

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