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COVID-19 Tips & Resources

We weren’t expecting to make our first blog post about a pandemic and we would much rather keep what we have had planned, but a lot of plans have changed throughout the city. Instead of speaking further about the negative in our current situation, let’s focus on the positives! Here’s a list of what you can still do during social distancing:

1. Go outside

2. Take your dog for a walk

3. Play board games

4. Watch movies

5. Read a book

6. Take a virtual museum tour

7. Tackle a large puzzle

8. Make arts and crafts

9. If you’re missing sports, watch a sports documentary

10. Learn to knit or crochet

11. Binge watch a new show

12. Play with your kids

13. Video chat

14. Go for a hike

15. Do yoga

If you’re one of those who are working from home during these times, try some of the activities from this list to keep yourself busy or to just start a new hobby.

Another big part of this pandemic is our empty grocery stores. We’ve all seen or heard about the empty toilet paper, bread, and milk aisles. If you’re at all concerned about getting some of these necessities, here are some online resources to look into to keep your peace of mind.

Cleaning Supplies & Necessities

1. PeachGoods - Monthly subscription service that will deliver toilet paper right to your door.

2. Grove - A monthly, customizable eco friendly cleaning supply subscription.

3. Mighty Essentials - A monthly subscription that will send body care, cleaning supplies, vitamins, etc. You can choose a starter pack or a specific type of item you’re needing.

4. Honest Company - Diapers and wipes monthly subscription.

Food & Groceries

1. Imperfect foods - A monthly, customizable grocery delivery service that fights food waste by sending perfectly good groceries that were meant to be thrown away due to ugliness, off-spec, excess inventory, undervalued, packaging change, or short coded. You can choose between a regular box or an organic box.

2. Hello Fresh - A weekly, customizable meal delivery kit.

3. Blue Apron - A weekly, customizable meal delivery kit.

4. Home Chef - A weekly, customizable meal delivery kit.

5. Butcherbox - A monthly subscription that brings 100% grass fed beef, free range organic chicken, and heritage breed pork straight to your door.

6. Purple Carrot - Weekly vegan subscription meal kit that will send fresh, portioned vegan ingredients straight to your door.

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