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Healthy Living - Mentally

At 48 South we promote healthy living. September is national suicide prevention month.

If you or anyone is struggling use the hotline: 1800-273-8255

#BeThe1To is the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline’s message for National Suicide Prevention Month and beyond, which helps spread the word about actions we can all take to prevent suicide. The Lifeline network and its partners are working to change the conversation from suicide to suicide prevention, to actions that can promote healing, help and give hope.

  1. Ask

Research shows people who are having thoughts of suicide feel relief when someone asks how they are doing. Findings suggest acknowledging and talking about suicide may reduce rather than increase suicidal ideation.

  1. Be there

Individuals are more likely to feel less depressed, less suicidal, less overwhelmed, and more hopeful by talking to someone and expressing how they feel without judgement.

  1. Keep them safe

A number of studies have indicated that when lethal means are made less available or less deadly, suicide rates by that method decline, and frequently suicide rates overall decline.

  1. Help them stay connected.

Studies indicate that helping someone at risk create a network of resources and friends for support and safety can help them take positive action and reduce feelings of hopelessness and loneliness.

  1. Follow up

Studies have also shown that brief, low cost intervention and supportive, ongoing contact may be an important part of suicide prevention, especially for individuals after they have been discharged from hospitals or care services.

  1. Learn more

Keep yourself educated. The more you learn and know the more you are able to be a help to those around you.

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