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New Year's Eve Party Planning Tips for Your Apartment

When throwing a party in your apartment, it helps to have a few tips and tricks up your sleeve. So, as you gather your supplies for the upcoming New Year's Eve celebration, you might want to jot down a few ideas before you get too excited about the party and find yourself overwhelmed.

Here are some tips to make sure your NYE goes off without a hitch:

Maximize Your Party Space

When throwing a party, it is important to have your guest feel comfortable in your space. Before your party, clear out some space and clean, allocating specific areas for food, drinks, and conversation. With that, don’t forget to make sure you're making good use of all suitable surfaces! Convert your coffee table to a champagne station, your kitchen to a makeshift buffet, and your bedroom to an off-limit zone.

Communicate with Your Neighbor

First, if you are throwing a party don't be a bad neighbor. Be courteous and friendly to your neighbors. Before your event happens be sure to inform your neighbors about your New Year's Eve Party. If possible, send them a card or a note with your address and phone number so that they can reach you in case of an emergency. And if you're throwing a big party, make sure you invite them too! Your party will be much more fun if everyone is invited. It is also just a nice gesture.

Make a Board of Resolution

A cute idea for your party is to make a “Resolution Board” for your party-goers, so they can write and post their resolutions for the coming year. You can easily make a resolution board with a corkboard, some strips of paper, a pack of push pins, and festive decorating to top it all off! Things like these will definitely make your party memorable.

Valuables Should Be in a Safe & Secure Place

Though it’s never something we want to think about possibly happening, it’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your valuables and parties. And let’s be honest no one wants to start off the new year missing their valuables. In preparation for your party, you should take inventory of your valued items and place them somewhere safe where you know they will be secure.

Make Sure to Keep Everyone Safe

Nothing else on this list is as important as making sure your guests get home safely. Encourage your friends to take an Uber, Lyft, or a taxi to your party. If they happen to drive, make sure you take their keys and hold on to them until the end of the night. Someone may have not planned on getting a little too loose that night and just driving back home, but sometimes things don’t always go to plan. Make sure you don't give them back his keys - call a ride or offer up a couch. Believe us a couch is a comfier place to be, than the other options on New Year.

Plan for a Big ‘Year Ender’

While watching the ball drop and having a big countdown together is always a classic end to the last year. But what are some things that might be fun to end the year with? You could hand out streamers and horns, party poppers, and you could even pop a bottle of champagne at the countdown’s end. Whatever you choose just make sure you’re ready to clean up after the festivities. This brings us to our final tip.

Last but Not Least, Have A Cleanup Plan.

Parties are great! And being the host of a successful party is GREAT! And preparing for a party can be absolutely thrilling! But after the party, comes the cleanup. Waking up to spills and stains you didn’t catch the night before, and little surprise messes are all things that come into the party host territory. Now you have the responsible thing to do, you have to clean. So, it’s best to already have a plan for the cleanup in place well before the day of the big event! Recruiting some of your friends to help you out too might be in your best interest. Offer bacon and Bloody Mary’s, and it'll be hard to say no.

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Alex Aviator
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