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Sioux City Farmer's Market

Finally! The Sioux City Farmers Market is open and it is a great place to find at least some sense of normalcy during this time. Though you must still practice social distancing, wear a mask, and make it a faster trip than before, it is an important place to support small business in Siouxland.

The Farmers Market is open Wednesdays & Saturdays 8am-1pm and the vendors do vary each time.

Today, 5/13, the vendors include:

Farmer Browns Garden

Heartland Coffee & Nosh

The Cornucopia

C Brown Gardens & Farm Fresh Beef

Mallett Farms

Nightingale Coffee

Orange Creek Farms

Wynn’s Tomato Ranch

Dakota Mushrooms & Microgreens

Head down to the corner of Tri View & Pearl and support some local shops while also getting some fresh air! Choose some fresh produce (and please wash thoroughly!) or just grab a cup of coffee and support local!!

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