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So, You’ve Found Your Apartment But Need More Space: Setting Up Multi-Purpose Space

When you live in an apartment, space is rarely ever wasted. However, there are always ways to use your space even more efficiently. It is important to remember that you can find ways to save on any sort of space, no matter the size. There are plenty of ways to maximize your living space without having to go through too much trouble. Here are a few ideas for places you can set up multi-purpose spaces in your apartment.

When setting up a multi-purpose space, you should first identify exactly what you need the space to be. Do you need a crafting area, a playroom, a home gym, or maybe you need it all? Next, you'll have to assess what area of your apartment will work best, and how it can be best utilized. Once you've picked your place that will give you the freedom to start arranging and setting up your space that best suits your needs.

Next, invest in storage, and don’t be afraid to store vertically. Storage will save you from the headache of feeling like your space is running the show, hindering any activity you’d like to do. And your storage doesn’t have to be a clunky eye sore either - get creative! Decorative baskets and apple crates are great, aesthetically pleasing alternatives to bulky bins. Know that every inch counts when setting up your multi-purpose space, if there is space there is storage.

Another big part of a multi-purpose space is to keep that area clean and tidy. If you’ve finished using the space as a home gym, be sure to place everything back in its proper place or it defeats the purpose of using the space efficiently. Because no one is trying to check emails in their office surrounded by dumbbells and stress bands. Keep it clean.

All told, multi-purpose space can help make small spaces feel more open, functional, and comfortable. It's definitely worth experimenting with all the options available to you. There's no better way to ensure your apartment feels like home than by creating a living space where you can truly be yourself.

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