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Tips for Multifamily Living

When you’re living in a multi-family housing arrangement, things can sometimes get complicated but in this blog, we will be discussing several steps to take to make things go smoothly. We know that multi-family household living can be mildly trying at best like any roommate arrangement, to completely frustrating at worst. But with today’s housing shortages and frequent job relocations; multi-family scenarios are fairly common, despite the potential issues. Approaching the arrangement strategically, it turns out, may be your saving grace.

Be patient with everyone.

It can be hard to maintain your patience when you have kids and live in a multi-family dwelling. Make sure to take deep breaths, remind yourself to be patient and try not to take things too personally.

Know your limits and the limits of others.

We understand it can be difficult to keep your opinions to yourself sometimes, but in the end, respecting each other's space, needs, and parenting styles is very important to tread lightly with. Respect doesn't always come easy, but with time and patience, it happens. Your opinion may matter and even be helpful in a situation others are struggling in, but only voice your opinion if someone has asked for it.

Be flexible and understanding.

Be flexible and fair with the rules set in your home. Each family member has their own preferences and needs, so treat everyone as individuals instead of having one set of rules for all. Everyone needs to pull their own weight, but not at the expense of their own needs.

Be sure to communicate.

There are many benefits to communicating in a respectful way. It helps the family understand one another better and build stronger relationships. Family members may be less resistant to change because they feel heard, respected and involved. Remember that everyone has their own opinions and feelings about difficult issues, and it's important not to make assumptions about what someone thinks or feels until it's been discussed openly.

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