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Tips on Hosting Apartment Holiday Parties

As we welcome the month of November and the coming holiday season, it’s time to think about upcoming holiday get togethers, dinner parties, and hosting guests in your 48 South apartment. Having guests over for a holiday party sounds a bit overwhelming – but fear not!

It’s time to celebrate the season with your favorite people. Don’t let the fact that you live in an apartment stop you from having the party you want. With a few simple tricks and tips, you can feel right at home with the guests in your space.

Plan Ahead - The secret to success for holiday parties in your apartment is to plan ahead. The holidays can be stressful, and you'll want to do everything you can before the event. Make a to-do list to keep yourself on top of preparations. From rooms to clean to grocery store pickups, here are a few things to add to your to-do list:

  • Pick a date, create a simple invite & send it to those you want joining you.

  • Decide on a menu

  • List ingredients you need to pick up from the grocery store

  • Create a music playlist

  • Create a cleaning list

Plan Seating & Arrange a Serving & Dining Space - By planning ahead, you can be sure everyone has a comfortable place to sit to enjoy their meal. If your dining table to too small to accommodate your guest count, set up a self-serve buffet in the kitchen using the counters and stove-top. With a small space, you can also create seating by using foldable tables & chair, or fun floor seats, stools and more.

Decorate Your Space - One of the bonuses of having a party in a small space is that decorating is much easier. Besides providing great food and even better company, the ambiance of your apartment has a major role in the gathering's vibe. The classic Christmas tree and string lights are a must, but fluffy throw blankets and DIY place settings are other go-to items. You can also change the curtains to a seasonal color or change up your rug. It is also important when throwing a party that you decorate the entire space, including the bathroom. Everyone will go into the bathroom at some point, and extending the decoration into the bathroom will be a nice small touch. Small touches in an apartment truly make the space feel like home. Be thoughtful in using scented candles so it doesn't compete with the delicious smells from the food or overpower the space.

Open Up Your Layout - It's no secret that moving things around can make a difference. Small details go a long way! To fit your guests in your space, you will need to open up your space as much as possible. You may find you need to store away your coffee table, that expensive vase you would hate to have broke, and other things that aren't needed out for the evening. With more room, you'll feel more confident inviting people over to celebrate.

Give Your Apartment a Clean Sweep - The turkey is in the oven, the table is set, and you're dressed for the occasion. But wait, your apartment is a mess. While it's easy to lose track of time as you prepare for guests, be sure to give yourself enough time to do a quick decluttering and clean sweet of your apartment. Here are a few go-to hacks before guests arrive:

  • Vacuum carpeted areas, dust hardwood floors and mop tiled surfaces.

  • Wipe down end tables, coffee tables and other high-traffic surfaces.

  • Give the bathroom counter and mirror a quick spray with all-purpose cleaner.

  • Utilize under-the-bed storage containers for valuable or breakable items.

  • Store large or bulky items in your bedroom closet or behind a shower curtain.

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