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Winter Preparation Tips for Apartment Living

With the cooler weather steadily approaching, it's time to start preparing yourself for another Iowa winter. Prepare now so you can watch Netflix with your favorite fuzzy blanket while others are rushing around. Get ahead of the cold with these winter-preparation tips:

Winter Survival Guide
Winter Preparation Tips for Apartment Living


Did you know that most ceiling fans have a small switch to reverse the direction of the fan? Most people don’t realize this, much less give any thought as to what it does.

When you flip the fan switch to reverse the rotation of the fan, it pulls cool air upward and pushes warm air downward to help cut the chill when at low speeds.


The dry winter air is notorious for contributing to dry cracked skin and sickness in the wintertime. Stay ahead of winter illnesses and stay healthy by buying a humidifier for your apartment. Humidifiers push moisture into the air, preventing it from getting dry indoors. Don’t worry – humidifiers won’t make your apartment feel like Iowa in August. They are also useful for helping your heating system circulate heat throughout your apartment, as moisture conducts heat.

For best results, look for a warm-mist humidifier. These devices boil the water before releasing it into your home, helping to reduce possible contamination.


Winter storms in Iowa can be brutal, so you can never be too careful. Snowstorms can leave you homebound and cause extended power outages in your apartment. You will never regret keeping an emergency kit in a cabinet.

Items you want to include:

1. Flashlight with extra batteries

2. Basic First Aid items (Band-aids, Bandages, Aspirin, and Neosporin)

3. Bottled Water

4. Canned Food

5. Candles and Matches

6. Car Charger / Portable Charger for Cell Phones

7. Manual Can Opener

Garbage bags can be used for an emergency raincoat, insulation, water collector, and of course, storing garbage and waste. Cat litter is ideal for helping give traction on icy roads or paths and can also be used to absorb moisture and odor from wet gear. Just fill a sock with some non-perfumed kitty litter. If you are stuck inside your house for a day or two, you’ll know that you’ll be safe no matter what the weather is outside.


Getting ready for winter isn’t all bad or serious. Prepare to enjoy more time indoors by buying a few new games or adult coloring books, grabbing the hot cocoa mix and marshmallows, and turning on your streaming service so you can cuddle up and binge-watch your favorite shows.

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